If it wasn’t for happiness...

Не было бы счастья
  • Year:2012
  • Country: Russia
  • Genre: Romantic
  • Duration: 44 minutes, 4 series
  • Director: Aleksei Prazdnikov
  • Writer: Natalya Pavlovskaya
  • Producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik
  • Cast: Natalya Antonova, Aleksei Barabash, Andrei Kuznetsov


Alena seems to be a successful woman: she’s bright, attractive, being on a good job position in a financial company, living in the apartment in the center with a reliable, non-drinking boyfriend Oleg. She’s almost happy, but there’s a big problem: her boyfriend Oleg doesn’t want children at all. At one of the corporate parties, Alena got acquainted with a pop star Vadim, a forty-year old singer, who was entertaining the audience with popular songs that evening. They spent a fantastic passionate night together, that’s how their love affair started… Alena is head over heels in love with her lover, she hasn’t ever had such a relation. Before that she’d been living with her calm, prudent Oleg and never cheated on him, but now everything ‘s been changed… Vadim is ready to divorce his “no-more-loved-a-long-time-ago’ wife, to have children with Alena and make the world get down in its knees for her. Now Alena has to make her choice: a calm life with Oleg, but without children, or a “star life” with Vadim with all its pros and cons. Once Vadim invited Alena to celebrate his birthday to his parents’ house in the seaside town. Back home, Alena is shocked to know that thanks to paparazzi, all the city is aware of their love affair. She had to break up with Oleg, came to Vadim who, as it turned out to be an alcoholic. What will Alena do? Will Oleg forgive her cheating on him? Does Vadim really love her?