Release news: Guest from the past

The first show of the two-episode detective “Guest from the past” from t “Moscow Secrets” cycle will take place on “TV Center” channel on October 5, at 20:00.

Actors: Anna Starshenbaum, Evgeny Pronin, Konstantin Solovyev, Alexander Robak, Yekaterina Semenova, Vladislav Vetrov, Alexey Longin

Golosov ravine in Kolomensky Park is a legendary place. Many believe there is a time portal here from which people born many centuries ago can come out sometimes. The corpse of a young woman in old dress is found here, and the witness assures she was killed by a mysterious rider in a black cloak. It is difficult not to believe the witness who has managed to photograph a ghost, and there are traces of hooves at the corpse... The death of the “guest from the past” is only the beginning. The crimes continue, and the investigator Nastya Vyazemskaya, in addition to the mysterious murderer, will have to find the famous “Pelegrina” pearl from the collection of the Yusupov family.

Directed by: Alexander Barshak
Written by: Bella Pribylova, Victoria Zueva, Igor Sharov
Film producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Producer: "RRIOR Production" LLC
Genre: detective
Runtime: 90 minutes
Release year: 2018

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