Filmmaking news: Traveler's Office

On January 17, filming of the detective medical drama "The Traveler's Office" began.

Cast: Alexey Makarov, Anna Sumptuous, Ilya Pale, Alexandra Kiselyova, Alexandra Bulycheva, Evgeny Shibalko, Sergey Guzeev, Zaza Chanturia, Ekaterina Lann

The "Traveler's Office" is a special department at the city clinical hospital specializing in the treatment of diseases that people bring from long trips. Tropical fevers, forgotten viruses, rare parasitic infestations and other exotic diseases, unusual to the eyes of ordinary doctors, are considered ordinary cases in the "Office". They not only treat here, but also conduct research and develop new drugs. The "Cabinet" is headed by the luminary of virology Roman Kunitsyn, who has been working all his life to create a cure for kenitrovirus– a deadly African disease. Roman's wife, Irina Kunitsyna, works as his deputy, but is going to leave the "Office" after catching her husband cheating. However, an emergency soon occurs: a patient with almost cured malaria unexpectedly dies… from the kenitrovirus. And a few hours later, Roman himself dies.
Now Irina will have to head the "Cabinet" instead of him, try to solve the mystery of his death, and most importantly - finish her husband's business and create a cure for kenitra, preventing a large-scale epidemic.

General Producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Creative Producer: Natalia Mikryukova
Executive Producer: Dmitry Zolotov
Director: Ashot Keshchyan
Scriptwriter: Ekaterina Latanova, Kira Khudolei, Asya Guseva, Anna Solntseva, Evgeny Kuratov
Genre: medical drama, detective
Runtime: 4 episodes of 44 min.
Release year: 2022

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