Filmmaking news: Five minutes of silence. Simbirsk frosts

On May 27, the shooting of the new season of series about the heroic everyday life of rescuers "Five Minutes of Silence. Simbirsk frosts" resumed.

Cast: Igor Lifanov, Roman Kurtsyn, Oleg Andreev, Konstantin Vorobyov, Olga Filippova, Maya Voznesenskaya, Sergey Borisov, Nikita Trantseyev

The Simbirsk frost has given way to summer heat and the squad 99-06 is also undergoing changes. New friends leave, and old ones return. A mortal enemy is defeated, but another, even more dangerous one appears. Love is again put to the test and needs to be fought for. Only one thing is stable and unchangeable: every day, different people get into trouble - suffocating in fires, drowning in rivers and swamps, hanging on the power lines, and disappearing in the dungeons. And all personal worries, all passions and sorrows of our heroes recede into the background when the dispatcher says, "We have a call!"

Directed by: Guzel Kireeva, Andrey Komarov
Written by: Viktoria Ostrovskaya, Anna Solntseva, Rostislav Nesterov, Elena Sharifullina, Maria Beilinson
Producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Genre: Adventure, drama
Runtime: 6x52 min.
Release year: 2021

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