Filmmaking news: Old Guard

Shooting of the detective mini-series “The Old Guard” will begin on February 1, 2019.

Actors: Katerina Shpitsa, Vadim Andreev, Anatoly Lobotsky, Alyona Khmelnitskaya

While investigating a case of a fatal accident, the young investigator Vera makes a mistake that could cost her career. Trying to save the protégé from dismissal, lieutenant colonel Alexandra Romanova gives Vera another case: a murder of the beauty queen, committed almost 15 years ago. To help Veronika in the investigation, Romanova assigns two retiree-consultants to help her: experienced police investigator Fedor Anatolievich Bobrykin and brilliant criminologist Grigory Petrovich Sapronov. These old giants of investigation are not familiar with the modern methods and technologies but know the details of this case very well as they have investigated it in the past. It is difficult to command the veterans and even harder to find a common language with them; they are way too different. Only a long-standing rivalry unites them: they've both been in love with lieutenant colonel Romanova for decades. And they are good friends, of course. Having had hard times with obstinate, sometimes grumpy and sharp-tongued “grandfathers”, Vera will take a strong liking to them, win their respect, and form an excellent team with them.

Directed by: Natalia Khlopetskaya
Written by: Victoria Zueva, Magomed Bachaev, Natalia Kudryavtseva
Film producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Producer: Studio "Telemaster" LLC
Genre: Ironic detective, melodrama
Runtime: 4х44 min.
Release year: 2019

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